Optimize Your Exercise
Optimize Your Exercise

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What is Vitness Rx?

Vitness Rx is a smartphone app that assesses your heartbeat and gives you fitness prescriptions to increase vitality and decrease stress.

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Why Vitness Rx?

Vitness Rx is like having a personal trainer in your pocket that is available to train you anytime, anywhere.

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Your Fitness Just Increased Its Intelligence
Real-time Vitality Assessments
using Heart Rate Variabilty (HRV) analysis
Fitness prescriptions
that increase strength and vitality
Integrated Heart Rate Monitor
with alarms that tell you when you are not in the zone.
Charts that monitor vitality,
fitness progress and caloric expenditure
Take the guesswork out of your workouts.
With Vitness Rx’s innovative heart assessment tool, users will always be working out within a therapeutic range that decreases chronic stress and increases energy over the long haul. Your fitness prescriptions are delivered directly through your smartphone maximizing portability and convenience. You can do your workouts anytime, anywhere.